November 20, 2023

Dear Mount Fitness Members,

We are writing to inform you of an important update regarding our membership rates, effective January 1, 2024.

In our ongoing commitment to providing you with the highest quality fitness experience, we have carefully reviewed our operating costs. Over the past year, we’ve experienced significant increases in expenses related to maintaining and enhancing our facilities, as well as delivering the exceptional services you’ve come to expect from Mount Fitness. It has become necessary to make a modest adjustment to our membership rates. We believe this adjustment is crucial for sustaining the excellent standards that make Mount Fitness your preferred fitness facility.

It’s important to note that even with this adjustment, Mount Fitness will remain the most competitively priced gym in the area. We take pride in offering you a remarkable fitness experience at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment in your health and well-being.

We remain dedicated to providing exceptional value, and look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals in the coming year!


-The Mount Fitness Team

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